b24 seething airfield 448th bomb group
What makes a bomb group
448th bomb group
The 448th Bomb group history

Bomb Squadrons
History of the squadrons
The Mighty Eighth Assembly Areas 448th Bomb Group Seething Control Tower
8th Bomber Command & the 448th Bomb Group
Nose Art
Have you ever wondered how the aircraft got their nose art and name? Then read on and you will hear the story of how this happened.
stories of the 448th
Missing air crew reports of the 448th

Ground Crew Equipment

red cross candy
Civilian Support groups
seething control tower 448th bomb group
Life on base
James Hardin 448th Bomb Group
The 448th Bomb Group Honour Roll
More stories to watch

Remembrance Sunday

8th November 2020 - Ann told the stories of 10 men from the 715 squadron who lost their lives in service. Listen out for the twist in the tale

Memorial Day 2022

30th May 2022 - We paid our respects to the men of the 448th Bomb Group buried and named at the American Cemetery in Madingley, Cambridge. 

Leroy Endahl

We tell the story of Lt Julius Leroy Endahl who was the first 448th man to complete 30 missions by the 11th May 1944

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