station 146, seething - home of the 448th bomb group

b24 seething control tower 448th bomb group
The stories told so far
Eli Rolfwager 448th bomb group
Cpl. Eli  Roffwarg
September 1943 - Eli was one of the first men to arrive at Station 146 with the 58th Station Complement. We tell the story of this talented artist
William Bullpitt 448th Bomb Group
My father in world war ii
This story today is written by Bill Bulpitt, whose father was part of the 448th. Read his story here as he goes through a journey of discovery about his father...........
fat stuff II 448th Bomb Group
Crew #1
December 1943 - We tell the story of Crew #1 who flew over to Seething in Fat Stuff II and how the commission of the stain glass window at Seething Control Tower came about
Frank Copp 448th Bomb Grop
S/Sgt Franklin Russell "Ace" Copp
September 1943 - Franklin was a crew chief for the 715th Bomb Squadron but he didn't come over to Seething with the rest of the ground echelon. If he had, he may not have met Joyce. We tell the story of Franklin and the love of his life.
Richard Brady
448th bomb group
Love across an ocean
2nd December 1943 - Lt. Richard Brady and his crew arrive at Seething. He leaves behind his sweetheart Katharine Coon and is trying to get back to her. We follow his story over the war and after, through his letters that he wrote to Katharine.
Charlie Brown B17 Ye Olde Pub
Ye Olde Pub

20th December 1943 - We tell the story of Ye Olde Pub after it landed at Seething airfield and what happened to the crew.
Repulser crew 448th Bomb Group
The Crew Of Repulser
22nd April 1944 - We tell the fatal story of the crew that flew REPULSER on "The Night Of The Intruders" and what happened 66 years later

June 1944 - An article is published about 3 friends who invented a new form of transport in order to get around the base and out and about. But who were these friends and what happened to them after the war? Find out as we share their stories
canadian pilot flying officer hollis clark men bailed over seething he crashed in brook
F/O Hollis Andrew Taylor Clark

19th July 1944 at 03:30 - We tell the story of Flight Officer Clark's bravery when his Lancaster crashes near Seething
GI Brides of the 448th
After the war, there were over 70,000 GI Brides hoping to start a new life with their American Sweetheart. The brides embarked many challenges and some of their marriages didn't last but many did. Read about the GI Brides that married the men from the 448th Bomb Group.
Julius LeRoy Engdahl
The 1st man to complete 30 missions
11th May 1944 - Julius Leroy Engdahl was the first pilot at Seething to complete 30 missions. Read his story here.
George Dickinson
Replacement Crew #25
27th June 1944 - We tell the story of this lucky crew and their 30 completed missions. Find out what happened to them after the war.
Metfield explosion
The Bomb dump explosion
15th July 1944 - On the afternoon of July 15th an explosion was heard and felt by many people miles away from each other! But where did the explosion happen and what happened? Read the accounts of what happen.
Our honey
Aircraft 42-50820
6th November 1944 - We tell the fatal story of the crew that flew B24 liberator 42-50820 and the twist to their story.
Edna Peasley
Edna Peasley
March 1945 - Edna has joined the American Red Cross and was sent to England. An entry in the Squadron diary mentions Edna but no other information. So who was Edna Peasley and why was she at Station 146, Seething - home of the 448th Bomb Group.
Joseph Longo 448th bomb group
A 46 year wait
1992 - Joseph James Longo was awarded a medal - a medal that took 46 years to come to him. Joseph Longo finally received his Distinguished Flying Cross that he had achieved back in 1945. So who was Joseph and why did it take 46 years for him to be awarded such an award?
Russell Stutman
The Mystery of the Ring
2010 - Ann was taking some photos of the contents in a displayed cabinet and stumbled across a ring that was found near the bomb dump at Seething. The tower had no information about it except a name; Russell Stutzman. So Ann decided to find Russell Stutzman. Read the exclusive here....
More stories to watch

Remembrance Sunday

8th November 2020 - Ann told the stories of 10 men from the 715 squadron who lost their lives in service. List out for the twist in the tale

Sgt James Hardin

We tell the story of Sgt James Hardin who was a member of the B24 Repulser on the fatal mission of 22nd April 1944

Lt. Leroy endahl

We tell the story of Lt. Julius Leroy Endahl who was the first 448th man to complete 30 missions by the 11th May 1944

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